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Chuck and Blair + Black & White - Asked by Anon

- I need to talk to Blair. She’s the only one who understand. I have to find her.
- Well, I’ll come with you.


chairville944 asked: Chuck and Blair + favourite ‘I love you’


Blair Waldorf and her minions


Anonymous asked: Chuck and Blair + important dates/milestones

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Blair Waldorf Bass - I learned to love myself unconditionally, because I am a queen

The journey of Blair Waldorf to Blair Waldorf Bass, learning to love and accept all parts of herself, even the dark, to trust in herself and in love, learning that she didn’t have to plan out and control everything, but that she could be brave and face anything that came her way, and in doing so enjoy a happiness and love that she had never imagined or planned on. The journey that led her to be a better best friend, a trusting lover and, overall, a mature and very special powerful woman. 

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